i3DML, Let’s build our new world!

It has been two years since I started i3DML project, one of the biggest projects I have ever developed. A new markup language used for describing 3-dimensional worlds and objects and their behaviors. i3DML tries to introduce a new standard for 3D design which is independent from other technologies. Using i3DML you can design 3D scenes with a set of tags and attributes.

i3DML is developed to make 3D application development simpler than before. It provides you a familiar and flexible platform for designing 3D worlds, just with a little knowledge of JavaScript and XML! Have you ever developed a web page using the famous HyperText Markup Language?! i3DML is that simple! Well, it is the interactive 3-Dimensional Markup Language.

But why? Why do we need this sort of technology? Remember my latest post, Advent of Virtual Realities? Well, not just for simplifying the development process of 3D applications, i3DML is here to help you create Virtual Reality environments. By linking i3DML worlds together, we can make the 3D WWW happen!

No more description is needed! Discover it yourself!

i3DML Project – Official website
i3DML Project – GitHub
Design interactive 3D Worlds with i3DML – CodeProject.com

I’ve also written a free summarized tutorial book for i3DML. After reading this book you can understand the main aims of the i3DML Project, how it works and what problems it solves and you’ll be able to design and build simple i3DML applications. Download the PDF version of this ebook here!

Download i3DML – An introduction

Please share your feedbacks with us! I bet you have something to say!


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