Advent of Virtual Realities

Facebook bought Oculus, Sony introduced its new Morpheus headset, Microsoft invested on virtual realities industry and so on. These news are enough to notice the fact that virtual realities are entering a new path of progress.

Oculus Rift VR

What is the next? Virtual Reality 3D environments are creating a new method for humans to interact with computers. As we have built a new digital world, the World Wide Web of course, it is now possible for every single person to have his own part in this huge world. After the advent of Virtual Realities, it is time for making the related standards and producing surfable media for them.

Virtual Realities aren’t just supposed to be used as a new display method for games, virtual 3D trainers or static contents. VRs have the potential of being a completely new and important user-machine way of interaction. Not just for gaming or watching movies (As it was before). Imagine a very large amount of 3D virtual places, connected to each other, making a large network which each place links the user to its connecting place, by entering a specific area of that place. You got the idea? The 3D World Wide Web!

By developing specialized browsers, for surfing in the 3D WWW, which are compatible with VR Headsets, human being will be able to enter an entirely new world, seeing that how productive VR can be. Everything, yes, everything is possible to implement in a VR network. Virtual shops, virtual boutiques, virtual university courses, and even more, a virtual city which maintains all of these virtual things in a single place.

A 3D Boutique

You can freely walk in every virtual street, going wherever you want, like museums, markets, zoos, cinemas and etc. Notice the fact that you can communicate with every person existed near you at the time, no matter where he is in the real world!

I can say one of the most significant features of VRs is their ability to create an avatar-based communication platform, which people can virtually-physically (WTH?!) communicate with each other, no matter where they actually are in the real world. Yes, and that is why Facebook is investing on the VR industry.

A 3D Social Network

What I want to say is that VR industry is growing up and it’s time for us to build the foundations of this technology.

What do you think? Do you believe that Virtual Realities are going to be one of the next great movements in this decade?


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