Having fun with Bitmaps!

In this post, I’m gonna show you how drawing mathematical functions as images would produceĀ amazing results!

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i3DML, Let’s build our new world!

It has been two years since I started i3DML project, one of the biggest projects I have ever developed. A new markup language used for describing 3-dimensional worlds and objects and their behaviors. i3DML tries to introduce a new standard for 3D design which is independent from other technologies. Using i3DML you can design 3D scenes with a set of tags and attributes.

i3DML is developed to make 3D application development simpler than before. It provides you a familiar and flexible platform for designing 3D worlds, just with a little knowledge of JavaScript and XML! Have you ever developed a web page using the famous HyperText Markup Language?! i3DML is that simple! Well, it is the interactive 3-Dimensional Markup Language.

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Advent of Virtual Realities

Facebook bought Oculus, Sony introduced its new Morpheus headset, Microsoft invested on virtual realities industry and so on. These news are enough to notice the fact that virtual realities are entering a new path of progress.

Oculus Rift VR

What is the next? Virtual Reality 3D environments are creating a new method for humans to interact with computers. As we have built a new digital world, the World Wide Web of course, it is now possible for every single person to have his own part in this huge world. After the advent of Virtual Realities, it is time for making the related standards and producing surfable media for them.

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Guten Tag Leute!

Hi guys, well, this is the first post of my blog and I think it’s better to start by introducing myself. I’m Keyvan, born 1998, living in Qazvin-Iran. I’m interested in entrepreneurship, Software Development, Virtual Realities, Computer Graphics, Crypto-Currencies and every newly born technology (Plus German language of course šŸ˜€ ) and the majority of the posts will be around of these topics.

Through this blog I’m going to share my latest thoughts with you and I hope this toĀ be taken into consideration.

It’s my pleasure to hear your comments so don’t hesitate to give your feedbacks to me. You can contact me through the commenting sections, other contact information are available in the blog :).